Fusco - Red Wine from Bodegas Albamar
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Fusco - Red Wine from Bodegas Albamar

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If you are looking for a wine with velvety character, you have come to the right place.

El red wine Fusco of Bodegas Albamar, is a juice of red grapes with low acidity. It has a very distinguished and appreciated aroma, it is a light, soft and easy to drink wine.

Wine of Mencía

This incredible grape must is made from Mencía grapes, very characteristic for its aromatic notes and its intense color. It is a variety very used for young reds, since it has a special character for it.

The Albamar Fusco wine is mono varietal, indicating that it is made only with this grape variety.

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Some consider this variety as a clone of the Cabernet Franc

Due to its similarities, for a time it was considered an adapted clone of the Cabernet Franc variety. One of the most planted varieties in the world.

The Franc cabernet is widely used to mix with Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot.

It is lighter than Cabernet Sauvignon, and depending on the land where it is planted it can have many aromas, such as tobacco, pepper, currants or raspberries.

But not only that…

The Albaicus Fusco is especially particular

It is planted in vineyards on granite and clay soil, and has an Atlantic character.

In addition it is barely intervened, since Xurxo Alba has a special thought in trying to make a very natural viticulture.

Xurxo manages to make wines with great character and very mineral. Its selection of the moment of maturation is highly valued, since it manages to collect at a very optimal point.

The fermentation is done trying to avoid chemicals in the treatment of the vines, and does not perform a malolactic fermentation. It is done with skins and without scrapes.

The tasting notes indicate that it is a very rounded wine.

  • In view, indicates that it is a young red and highlights a low graduation, taking into account that it is a red wine, this is also the result of the temperature of the area where the grapes are grown.
  • To the nose, we can highlight the aroma of red fruit and peppers, with fruity notes characteristic of the Mencía.
  • To the mouth, we can define that it is tasty, and with its fresh touch at the end, it has a very rounded acidity.

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