Red Florum Vermouth - A Vermouth created in Seville
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Red Florum Vermouth - A Vermouth created in Seville

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  • Varieties: Airen
  • Winery: Florum Wineries
  • Type: Vermouth / Vermouth
  • Graduation: 15%
  • DO Seville
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If you have chosen to buy the Vermut Florum Rojo wine, you would like to know…

  • Vermouth Florum is elaborated in Alcala de Guadaira in Bodegas Florum.

  • Manufactured from Airen grape

  • Created completely artisanal

Tasting Notes of this quality wine

👁‍🗨 In sight 👁‍🗨 It has an intense mahogany color, with orange highlights, medium-high layer

👃 To the nose 👃 It is complex and balanced, presents notes of licorice and cinnamon

👄 To the mouth 👄 It has a sweet and balanced entrance. Long aftertaste and easy to drink.

Pairing of the vermouth Florum

It is usually taken before lunch to open your mouth, so common in the north. In addition to the appetizer, it is increasingly used for cooking, as ingredients.

You can also use it in cocktails, or after the meal, as if it were herbal liquor.

Miguel Angel says that it is highly recommended for use in meats, since being very flavored, this gives an incredible flavor.

Has a graduation of 15% Vol.

A little History of Vermouth Florum

Bodegas Florum was formed by a young man from La Mancha, who studied in Madrid to devote himself to wine. His experience in different wineries has made him specialize in the production of cider, wines and especially vermouth.

This professional has been a teacher at the Madrid school and subsequently founded his own winery, where he produces this artisan broth advised by two great winemakers.

They produce a completely handmade vermouth

All Florum production is made in an artisan 100% manner, from its gravity filling to manual capping. They receive the wine already made, and from there they make the mixture.

They are tasting the vermouth until it has that rounded flavor, and its parts of the mixture are not differentiated.

Use a purely Andalusian base, sweet and dry wine. Generous and sweet. Although it is made in Andalusia, it has similar characteristics to other northern vermouths. It has touches with a touch of licorice and cinnamon.

Florum vermouth introduces botanical essences of the highest quality, resulting in a very fresh vermouth. With a perfect bitter / sweet balance.

In 2018 this vermouth was presented for the evaluation of the Peñin de Wines and Distillates guide, where it obtained 88 points, from 93 that obtained the best score.

He has also been a finalist in the category of sweet, liquor and vermouth wines of the Spanish Association of Wine Journalists and Writers (AEPEV), a finalist in the wine category at Andanatura Awards.


You can buy the Red Florum in Seville Wines

You can get the vermouth Florum in Seville Wines. If you can not come to Seville, to enjoy it in most establishments in the city center and other very important places, do not worry, you have it at your disposal in our online store.

You just have to add it to the cart and complete the order, to pick it up at the door of your house and enjoy it in the place and with the company that you like the most.

Find out more about this vermouth, in this interview with Miguel Angel

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