Mirlo Blanco - White Wine from Bodegas Tierra Savia
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Mirlo Blanco - White Wine from Bodegas Tierra Savia

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  • Varieties: Viognier
  • Cellar: Tierra Savia Wineries
  • Graduation: 14,0%
  • Operating temperature: 12 - 14 ° C.
  • DOVT Sierra Norte de Sevilla
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Buying Mirlo Blanco is choosing a White Wine Delicia from Seville

  • This wine made in a 100% by Viognier grapes, a variety quite unknown in the world, is created in the Sierra Norte de Sevilla, at an altitude of 700 meters.

  • Has Organic Wine Certificate.

  • We are lucky to be able to taste the must of this grape, since almost died out a few years ago, but it was recovered.

  • The Vineyards are found on slate lands with slopes.

  • As this winery is well characterized, the harvest is carried out without damaging the grape and pick it up with your hands.

Chosen best white wine with aging in the province in 2015

Has been chosen best white wine in Seville, in a blind tasting, performed by critics of prestige.


Tasting Notes: What makes White Blackbird so special?

👁‍🗨 In sight 👁‍🗨 Its bright color, reminiscent of light.

👃 To the nose 👃 It brings us those very tropical fruit aromas, which are very characteristic of the type of grape that it uses, without neglecting the brushstroke of vanilla.

👄 To the mouth 👄 It is balanced, fresh, with an elongated and pleasant finish. It is a wine with low acidity, very similar to muscat.

A delight of Bodegas Tierra Savia

Tierra Savia wineries are located in the protected area of ​​the Sierra Norte de Sevilla, between Cazalla de la sierra and Alanís.

His way of working the field, naturally. And its rural situation, far from the big city, causes it to be surrounded by pastures.

Its objective is to enhance the flavor of the terroir to its maximum exponent, making a manual collection, respecting the terrain to the maximum, and putting the focus on proper maturation.

Pairing of the White Blackbird

We recommend it to accompany Fish and shellfish, but also this wine has the soul of a red wine, which can be recommended with chacinas or poultry.

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